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Types of Beverages


Types of Beverages

أنواع المشروبات

Beverage: In Arabic you can say it "Mashroob" مشروب

Beverages: In Arabic you can say it "Mashroobat"

Non-alcoholic beverages: In Arabic you can say it "Mashroobat Ghayr koholiah" = مشروبات غير كحولية

Alcoholic Beverages: In Arabic you can say it " Mashroobat Rowhania, or Khomoore" = مشروبات روحانية أو خمور

Coffee: In Arabic you can say it "Qahwa" this word Arab people use it for two types of coffee if they want to drink Turkish coffee القهوة التركية, or Arabic coffee القهوة العربية and the taste is different between both of them

If you need to drink Instant coffee simply you can say "NESCAFÉ" anyone in Arab countries can understand you. 

How to Ask someone or waiter when you want to have a cup of coffee?

The Answer is: Momken Koobayet NESCAFÉ Men Fadlek =

ممكن كوبايت نسكافية من فضلك This sentence It means in English: Can I have a cup of Nescafe, please?

Can I = ممكن "Momken"

A cup = كوباية "Koobaya"

Cups = كوبايات "Koobayait"

Please = من فضلك "Men Fadlek"

Tea: In Arabic you can say it "Shaiye" = شاي 

Juice: In Arabic you can say it "As-syear" = عصير

Drink: In Arabic you can say it "Yashrrep" = يشرب

Drank: In Arabic you can say it "Sharreba" = شرب

Future: I will drink In Arabic you can say it "Ana Sawofa ashrrap, or Ana Ha Ashrrap" = أنا سوف أشرب

I drink tea:  In Arabic you can say it " Ana Ba Ashreab El Shaiye" = أنا با أشرب الشاي

I drink coffee: In Arabic you can say it " Ana Ba Ashrrap El Qahwa" = أنا با أشرب القهوة

I drink: You can say it in Arabic (Ana Ba Ashrrap) = أنا بشرب

He drinks: You can say it in Arabic (huowa Be Ya Ashrrap ), or (howwa Be Ya Ashrrap) = هو بيشرب

She drinks: You can say it in Arabic (heyya Be Ta Ashrrap) = هي بتشرب

They drink: You can say it in Arabic (Hum Ba Ya Shrrapo) = هم بيشربوا, or (Humaa Ba Ya Shrrapo) =  هما بيشربوا

You drink:  You can say it in Arabic (Anty Be Ta Ashrrapi) - for a female =  أنت بتشربي

We drink: You can say it in Arabic (Ehena Be Na Ashrrap), or Nahunu Be Na Ashrrap, or Nahn Be Na Ashrrap = نحن بنشرب

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Months of The Year In Arabic


Months of The Year In Arabic

اشهر السنة بالعربية

English                Arabic           How to Say It

January             يناير             Yanāirr

February           فبراير           Fobrāyrr

March               مارس           Māris

April                أبريل             Ebrialle

 May          مايو                Māyo                           

June                يونيو              Younyo

July                 يوليو              Youlyo

August           أغسطس           Agostos

September      سبتمبر            Sittamber
October           أكتوبر           Oktober

November       نوفمبر          Novamber

December       ديسمبر         Desamber


أنا مسافر في شهر ديسمبر
I am traveling in December

How to Say It: 

ِِAna Mosaāfir Fee Shahr Desamber

Friday, February 26, 2021

Days of The Week in Arabic

Days of The Week in Arabic

أيام الاسبوع بالعربي

  • Saturday in Arabic language السبت and you can say it like this: El Sabet
  • Sunday in Arabic language الأحد and you can say it like this: El Ahad
  • Monday in Arabic language الاثنين and you can say it like this: Al Athnaen
  • Tuesday in Arabic language الثلاثاء and you can say it like this: Al Thalathaa
  • Wednesday in Arabic language الأربعاء and you can say it like this: Al Arbaa
  • Thursday in Arabic language الخميس and you can say it like this: Al khamease
  • Friday in Arabic language الجمعة and you can say it like this: El Jomaa

I will go to the cinema with my friends on Sunday in Arabic language

أنا ساذهب إلي السينما مع أصدقائي في يوم الأحد

You Can Say It Like This

Ana  Sā  Athehabe Elea El Cinema  Māa  Assdeqai Fee Youm  El Ahad

Ana                      أنا


Athehabe         أذهب

Elea                     إلي

El Cinema      السينما

Māa                     مع 

Assdeqai         أصدقائي

Fee                        في

Youm                    يوم

El Ahad                الأحد


Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Names of Stationery in Arabic

Names of Stationery in Arabic
أسماء القرطاسية ( الأدوات المكتبية) باللغة العربية

1- Stationery = القرطاسية ، أدوات مكتبية , How to say it: El Korttasiya, or Adawat Maktabiah (Adawat Maktabiah: is the most popular)

2- Book = كتاب , How to say: kitab, The plural: Books = كتب, How to say: Kotob

3- Book bag =  حقيبة الكتب ، شنطة الكتب, How to say: hakibat Al Kotob, Shantat Al Kotob. The plural: Shonat Al Kotob, or Haka'ap Al Kotob = in Arabic: حقائب الكتب، شنط الكتب

4- Calculater = آلة حاسبة, How to say: Ala Hasiba

5- Chalk = طباشير, How to say: Tabasheyre

6- Compass =فرجار, How to say: Forjar

7- Correction pen or white out = قلم تصحيح, How to say: Kalam El Tass-heah

8- Eraser =  أستيكة أو ممحاة, How to say: Mamha or Mahaia, or " أستيكة= Asteeka: is the Egyptian accent"

9- File = ملف How to say: Malaf, The plural: Files = ملفات How to say: Malafat

10- Folder = مجلد, How to say: Mojallad, The plural: Folders = مجلدات, How to say: Mojalladat

11- Scissors = مقص, How to say: Makass

12- Paper = ورقة, How to say: Wara-a, The plural: Papers = أوراق, How to say: Awrra'a

13- Pencil = قلم رصاص, How to say: Kalam Rossass, The plural: Pencils = أقلام رصاص, How to say: Akllam Rossass

14- Pen = قلم حبر, How to say: Alam Habber, The plural: Pens = أقلام حبر,  How to say: Akllam Habber

15- Notebook = دفتر , How to say: Dafter

16- Paper Clip = مشبك ورق, How to say: Mashbak Warak

17- Pencil case = مقلمة, How to say: Maklama 

18- Pencil sharpener = براية , How to say: Baraia 

19- Protractor = منقلة, How to say: Mankala

20- Ruler = مسطرة, How to say: Mastara, The plural: Rulers = مساطر,  How to say: Masater


1- School = المدرسة, How to say: El Madrassa
2- University = جامعة, How to say: Al Jamia'a

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How to Greet in Arabic Language

Arabic is a language spoken for millions in the Arab world also there are many people in Muslim countries who like to learn Arabic. though regional accents and dialects vary greatly, fashionable normal Arabic (or Fus'ha because it is understood in Arabic) is mostly understood everyplace. today we will learn you how to say hello in different ways.

1- AL Salam Aleykum = السَّلامُ عَلَيْكُمْ 

All the Muslims use this greet and it is common greeting between Arabs and Muslims.
They use this greet for unknown people like: when you enter the shop or when you ask someone in the street about a resturant, or any place you need to go to,  also you can say it when you visit your friend at home because you don't know all the members of your friend's family so you can say AL Salam Aleykum

- The replying to this greeting is: Wa aleykum Al salam

2- Hello means in Arabic: Ahlan Wa Sahlan = أَهْلاً وَسَهْلاً 

The Levant Arab countries (Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, and Syria) they use Ahleene = Hello

- The replying to this greeting is: Ahlan feek 

3- Merhaba Has Two Meaning

Merhaba (مرحبا): Welcome, or Hello.It depends on the situation. Also Merhaba is common word in The Levant Arab countries like Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, and Syria.

The replying to this greeting is: Merhaba

4- How are you? In Arabic: Kaifa haaluk كَيْفْ حالُكْ

Egyptian say How are you? by using a different word: Ezayak  إزيك

- The replying is: I am good, thank you: in Arabic mean : Ana bikhayr, shukran أَنا بخير شُكْراً
- There is another replying you can use: Alhamdulillah kowais = الحمد الله كويس
kowais = كويس it means good

5-  Good morning in Arabic mean: Sabah al khayr صَباحْ الْخير

- The replying is: Sabah an noor صَباحْ النّورْ

6- Good evening in Arabic language: Masa'a al khayr مَساء الْخيْرْ

 -The replying is: Masa'a Al Noor مَساء النّورْ

7- Good night in Arabic language: Leyla sa'eeda لَيْلَة سَعْيدَة

There is another word for good nightin in Arabic language: Tissbah Ala Khair تصبح علي خير

-The replying is: Wa Enta Mn ahloo و أنت من أهلوا , It means I hope for you the same. Also you can say thank you in Arabic language: Shokran شكرا

8- Goodbye in Arabic language: Ma'a as salama مَع السّلام

The replying is: Ma'a as salama مَع السّلام

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Arabic Hotel Phrases with Popular Situations


1-  El moftaah = The key (المفتاح)

2- Rakam el moftaah = The key number (رقم المفتاح)

3- Oda = room (غرفة)

4- El door el Aardey = Ground floor (الدور الأرضي)

5- El door el Awal = First floor (الدور الأول)

6- El door el tany = Second floor (الدور التاني)

7- El door el talet = Third floor (الدور التالت)

8- El door el raba a = Fourth floor (الدور الرابع)

9- El Feetar = Breakfast (الفطار)

10- Footta = towel , Plural: Foowatt = towels (فوط)

11- Saboona = soap, Plural: Saboon = soaps (صابون)

12- Wara'a  toalet = toilet paper (ورق تواليت)

13- Buttanneya = blanket , Plural: batateen = blankets (بطاطين)

14- Melayah = sheet , Plural: melayat = sheets (ملايات)

15- Sarear zawgy = A double bed (سرير زوجي)

16- Maksoor = broken (مكسور)

17- El noor = The light (النور)

18- El maia = The water (المياه)

19- Sokhin = hot (سخن)

20- Bard = cold  (بارد ،ساقع)

21- Nadeef = clean (نظيف)

22- Mozaeg = noisy ( مزعج)

23- Mesh nadeef = dirty (مش نظيف)

24- El dafaya = The heater (الدفاية)

25- El takyeef = The air conditioning (التكييف)


1- Enta fee oda 25 = You are in room number 25 (25 أنت في اوضة)

2- Feyn el asanseyr? = Where is the elevator? (أين الأصانصير؟)

3- Feyn hamam el sebaha? = Where is the swimming pool? (فبن حمام السباحة؟)

4- Feyn el mutaum? = Where is the restaurant? (أين المطعم؟)

5- Beta ademoo el feetar fayn? = Where do you serve breakfast? (بتقدموا الفطار فين؟)

6- Beta ademoo el feetar emta? = When do you serve breakfast? (بتقدموا الفطار امتى؟)

7- Mehtaga footta zeyada = I need more towels (محتاج فوطة زيادة)

8- Mehtag Saboona Zeyada = I need more soap (محتاج صابونة زيادة)

9- Mehtag wara'a  toalet zeyada = I need more toilet paper (محتاج ورق تواليت زيادة)

10 - Mehtag buttanneya zeyada = I need an extra blanket (محتاج بطانية زيادة)

11- Mehtag melayat nedifa = I need clean sheets (محتاج ملايات نظيفة)

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Clothing for Women in Arabic Language

Clothing for Women in Arabic Language

What Are Arabic Women Clothing Vocabulary?

to wear; put on (لبس، يلبس)

Labisa: the verb in the past (لبس)

Yalbasu: for he in the the present (يلبس)

Talbasu: for she in the the present (تلبس)

Yalbas: the verb in the present (يلبس)

Blouse: balouza (بلوزة)

Blouses: balouzaat  (بلوزات)

Skirt: tannoora (تنّورة)

Skirts: tannoorat (تنّورات)

Dress: fostaan (فستان)

Dresses: fasaateen (فساتين)

Swimsuit: may ooh (مايوه) you can use this word for men and women

Swimsuits: mayohat (مايوهات) you can use this word for men and women.

Belt: Hizaam (حزام)

Belts: Ahzzimaa (أحزمة)

Note: shirt, jacket, pants, and suit they have the same names in arabic for men and women. Check clothing for men in Arabic language.

Types of Beverages

  Types of Beverages أنواع المشروبات Beverage: In Arabic you can say it "Mashroob" مشروب Beverages:  In Arabic you can say it &quo...